Black Health Trends and Inequities

In the regards to health, African-Americans fare poorly for a variety of reasons stemming from barriers to access, systemic racism, and distrust. Recently the CDC released a study revealing that African American Women have higher perimortality rates when compared to Caucasian women. These outcomes are not limited to pregnancy outcomes but can also be seen in the incidence and mortality of certain cancers, mental health conditions, and chronic health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. The aim of this panel is to not only to raise awareness but provide solutions to these issues.

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Black Prosperity and Wealth-building

The historical impact of racism has festered in financial, societal, and political institutions, creating racial wealth inequality which has, and continues to, pervade the Black experience. Not only is this wealth gap intergenerational, but it bottlenecks Black potential and ownership opportunities. With this in mind, our panel provokes a discussion about the racial wealth gap, specifically addressing the following:

– The historical framework that caused it
– The role of crime in wealth building
– How to increase knowledge spillovers
– How the wealth gap and Black poverty trap can be tackled (through policies, education, economic development initiatives, etc.)

The most recent 2019 Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances shows the significance of the wealth gap; it indicates that the typical Black family has 10 cents for every dollar held by the typical white family. We hope to have a robust discussion centered on these topics, leaving the audience with a sense of empowerment and hope about the future for Black Americans.

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