Kim Dowdell

Kimberly Dowdell is a licensed architect, real estate developer and educator who specializes in equitable urban revitalization. A native of Detroit with professional experience in Washington, D.C. and New York, Kimberly returned to her hometown in 2015 to serve in the City of Detroit’s Housing and Revitalization Department. In this role, she worked to preserve affordable housing and advance design excellence in Detroit’s redevelopment efforts. In 2017, Kimberly became a partner with Century Partners and has been working to grow the company to facilitate holistic neighborhood redevelopment while generating strong investor returns in Detroit. She is also a lecturer in architecture and urban planning at the University of Michigan. Kimberly earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and her Master of Public Administration at Harvard University, where she was also in the inaugural class of Sheila C. Johnson Leadership Fellows. Kimberly currently serves on the Alumni Council for the Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at Harvard. In 2019, Kimberly will take office as President of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). During her two-year term, she will seek to increase diversity in the field of architecture and enhance the positive impact that architects can have on cities. Kimberly is actively managing the implementation of a transformative redevelopment plan in Detroit’s Fitzgerald neighborhood where her team (Fitz Forward) is rehabbing approximately 100 vacant homes and re-imagining 300 vacant parcels of land in a quarter square mile area over the next three years.