Don Bell

Don Bell, a Connecticut native, spent three years working on Capitol Hill. In that time, he worked as a fellow, judiciary legislative correspondent, and Counsel to three Senators, culminating with his time on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. Don was elected President of the Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus (SBLSC) in April 2016. During his term, he conducted a groundbreaking Census of black Senate staffers that inspired the current diversity movement, and has been a leader in advocating for greater Congressional staff diversity and organizing an inside/outside movement that has drawn national attention to the pervasive lack of diversity among Congressional staffers.

Now, Don is director of the Black Talent Initiative at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, where he continues to fight to ensure that Congress is fully representative of all Americans. In this role, he actively collaborates with House and Senate influencers and other stakeholders to break down the barriers people of diverse backgrounds face when seeking employment on the Hill, and the work of his team has received local and national recognition. Don is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and University of Connecticut School of Law.